Power Yoga

Power yoga exercises have been invented to strengthen the whole body and develop on a person's willpower. These workout are known for burning calories, improve the muscle mass, reduce fat and increase the Basal Metabolic Rate. Power Yoga is done to reduce weight. It is recommended to do power yoga workout thrice a week and for 45 minutes each time. Before starting power yoga postures to burn calories, you should speak to medical practitioner

Power Yoga Tips:

If you are pregnant or suffer some ailment, then it is advisable to speak with your doctor before signing up for a class. You must also speak with your yoga instructor, if you have joined a class or planning to. The teacher at the class will be able to tell you which poses you should attempt and which ones to leave out. It is believed that an early morning practice of Power yoga is supposed to be very beneficial for yoga students. Do speak with a yoga expert before you try it though. It is advisable to wear comfortable and sweat absorbent clothes while practicing power yoga. Try to follow the slow and steady mantra when you start doing Power yoga.

Benefits of Power Yoga

• It is known to flush out the toxins from the body through sweat
• Power yoga can heal problems like acidity
• Power yoga also helps people lose weight and get fit. It is known to increase the capacity of the body to burn calories
• This form of yoga is also known to deal with menstrual problems and hypertension
• Power yoga postures can make your body more flexible, increase strength and stamina
• It also strengthens the immune system and improves the blood circulation
• Power yoga workouts also improve a person's concentration
• Does power yoga help us for weight loss?

Power yoga is considered to be one of the best tools for weight loss because of the fact that it combines the bone structure benefit of yoga as well as the high energy that is required to burn the excess calories in the body. Just like any form of yoga though, hatha yoga for weight loss, hot yoga for weight loss and power yoga for weight loss all depend significantly on making sure that you perform the posture properly. As a result, taking the help of a trained yoga instructor is likely to be of great benefit. It is also imperative to use the spiritual and mental side of yoga when attempting to lose weight. Power yoga is considered one of the most beneficial forms of yoga to lose weight. With one hour of power yoga the calories burned could go up to 400-600 and therefore this is one of the most useful tips for weight loss

How many calories burned during power yoga workout?

Power yoga is one form of yoga that has gained popularity over the years. The word "power" in Power yoga refers to the intensity of the power yoga poses that this type of yoga advocates. A power yoga routine is different from other yoga routines. This is because unlike other forms of yoga, power yoga poses do not follow any specific series of poses. With the help of power yoga the calories burned are more than the amount one would burn doing normal exercises. This is because power yoga poses place emphasis on developing endurance, stamina and strength. Most of the power yoga poses are based on the Ashtanga style of yoga. About 600 calories are burned during a one hour power yoga routine.

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

We offer Yoga classes for working executive which is known as Corporate Yoga.
How does Corporate Yoga help?
STRESS at work is posing a great threat to the health

Burn Fat With Yoga

Burn Fat With Yoga

The yoga classes offered by us help to burn body fat. Our Yoga classes are very effective and burn unwanted fats from body. For burning body fat one should have healthy diet. The precaution one should take

Health Yoga

Health Yoga

We are engaged in offering effective Health Yoga Services. Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. Presently 11 million Americans are enjoying its benefits. Yoga can hardly be called a trend


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